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Interviews with the Leading Edge: Gerard Senehi, Founder of the Open Future Institute


Gerard Senehi

Today is an exclusive live video interview with Gerard Senehi for the interview series “Interviews with the Leading Edge.”

In this series of interviews, I engage with people who are on the leading edge of transformational change, doing work to further the consciousness revolution and how it is manifesting in culture, politics and spirituality, in order to help bring along a more enlightened society

Gerard Senehi is one such person.

Gerard is known as the Experimentalist. He is an entertainer who works at the borders of what is possible. He is also an Activist for Cultural Change and has a passion for expanding our notions of what’s possible: as a mentalist (mentalists work in the realm of psychokinesis), performing seemingly impossible feats, he inspires audiences to expand what they consider possible. His work has earned the admiration of world leaders, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as the national and international media – he has appeared on the Today show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Carson Daly Show, and many others.

As a cultural change agent, Gerard is the Founder of the Open Future Institute. In addition to his work with OFI, Gerard directs his creative and philanthropic energy as a board member and facilitator for organizations and projects that encourage an active questioning and development of our shared values, beliefs, and worldviews.

Gerard is also a member of the Evolutionary Leaders: In Service of Conscious Evolution organization, and his colleagues in the organization include Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Joan Borysenko, Andrew Cohen, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Michael Beckwith.

In an earlier interview for the Interviews with the Leading Edge, I interviewed Diane Williams, the founder and director of the Evolutionary Leaders organization.

I met with Gerard at his New York City apartment, one that has a breathtaking and panoramic view of Central Park. There we had an in-depth discussion about his work as a mentalist, in which he inspires people to go beyond their belief of what is possible; and his work with the Open Future Institute, in which he is actively working at the leading edge of cultural evolution and the perceptions and worldviews that people carry within that helps them define their world.

His work with the Open Future Institute is not just one of lofty concepts and big ideas – he is working with the thinktank the Institute for Cultural Evolution to design concepts and ideas – but one of implementation and activism. It is because of the fact that Gerard is putting his ideas into action that he is indeed an Activist for Cultural Change.

It is because of work like Gerard’s, on the leading edge of transformation, that our future looks bright and hopeful.

To find out more about Gerard’s work with the Open Future Institute, visit, and to see his work as The Experimentalist, visit

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