Netherlands Solar-Powered Illuminated Bike Lane Inspired By Van Gogh

original-85In many places, just getting a bike lane put in can be an uphill challenge.  So a solar-powered illuminated bike lane seems virtually impossible.

However according to Tree Hugger that’s just what you’ll find in Nuenen, in the Netherlands.  They’ve put in a short stretch of path (inspired by Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night) that is solar powered.

The path is embedded with twinkling mosaic chips coated with a special paint, it then absorbs light rays in the daytime in order to glow blue-green at night.

Image Credit: Heijmans

Do You Ever Find Yourself Feeling Quite Overwhelmed and Stressed?

Woman Practicing Yoga StretchIf you can grab 5 minutes, then Denise Dare writing in the Elephant Journal suggests doing the pose of a child.

Simply find a soft spot on the floor, come to your hands and knees, and push your booty back to your heels. Rest your body on your thighs and relax your head to the Earth. Give yourself about 10 deep breaths, then slowly lift your body and carry on with your day feeling more connected, relaxed and at ease.

What techniques do you have for relaxing and de-stressing?

Image credit: yogajournal

Did You Know …?

original-71That drug use in the U.S. has increased exponentially over the last 10 years, thanks in no small part to advertising on TV!

Our latest article explores our growing drug dependency in the U.S.

Can You Handle Hot Yoga?

original-67Many claim that Bikram is a great way to beat the chill of winter.  However with 26 therapeutic yoga postures and a room heated at 98.6 Fahrenheit it might not suit everyone!

Body and Soul write that you can burn as much as 597 calories in one 90 minute workout as well as massaging the internal organs, and stimulating the endocrine and nervous systems so it might be worth a try – what do you think?


Joint Announcement On Climate Change Is The Most Important Advance For Years

original-66According to The A-list, the recent US-China joint announcement on climate change and energy is the most important advance for many years.

China has agreed a clear target to reach a peak of CO2 emissions no later than 2030, with the intention of trying to peak earlier than 2030. The US’s failure to act decisively on its own emissions for two decades has long been defended by the Senate on the basis that the US should act only if China does as well. Now it is running out of excuses.

Are you feeling hopeful?


Edible Waste Free Packaging Does Exist – But Do We Want It?

original-64Tree Hugger questions the sense of a single food item that gets consumed within seconds leaving behind a piece of packaging that will linger on Earth for years. ‘Zero Wasters’ are strict about what they buy in terms of packaging, but the majority of us need to get over the mental barrier of buying things sold loose.

A Swedish company has come up with a series of food packages where the packaging has the same life span as the foods they contain. The “smoothie package” is made of agar seaweed and water, and withers at the same rate that you drink its contents.

Would you drink from this packaging?


Image credit: Shadowelement

Food For Thought …


With drug advertising everywhere what is the message being drummed into us all?

original-51Drug advertising is everywhere so what is the message being drummed into us and our children?  That for every symptom and sensation the solution is a pill?  The growing attitude that drugs are the answer for every ache and angst is destructive for individuals and societies.

Do you think we rely on pharmaceutical drugs too much?


Image Credit: Maja Vuckovic

US & UK Giving Tax Breaks To Explore New Reserves

original-52The guardian reports that rich countries are subsidising oil, gas and coal companies by about $88bn a year to explore for new reserves, despite evidence that most fossil fuels must be left in the ground if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change.

The most detailed breakdown yet of global fossil fuel subsidies has found that the US government provided companies with $5.2bn for fossil fuel exploration in 2013. Most of the support was in the form of tax breaks for exploration in deep offshore fields.

Why do you think this is when the cost of renewable-energy technologies continues to fall?

Are We A Drugged Out Nation?

original-48Did you know that antidepressants were the third most-popular type of drug dispensed in 2008, with $9.5 billion in sales? Our article “Drugged Out Nation” highlights the damaging effects the overuse of prescription drugs is having on the health of our nation.

Image Credit: Slinkachu

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