The Quantum Revolution: Creating the World We Know to be True!

20_o_pok_northfotoYou have it in your power to do something and move the revolution forward. The more we work together, the more the positive vision will come forth into the world we – and future generations, live in.

Live with greater clarity and greater love, become a Quantum Revolutionary!


Fresh air – only $845 a jar!

original-1Sometimes, it takes an artist to perfectly make a point. Liang Kegang lives in Beijing, and after a trip to the south of France he returned with something precious – a jar of clean Provence mountain air.

To drive his point home, he auctioned the jar before a group of about 100 Chinese artists and collectors and was paid 5,250 yuan ( $845)  for it.

“Air should be the most valueless commodity, free to breathe for any vagrant or beggar,” Liang said in an interview. “This is my way to question China’s foul air and express my dissatisfaction.”

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A special little (low waste) retreat…

originalTennessee-based blogger and mother of two boys ModFruGal built this modernist but down-to-earth little house among the trees for less than $1,500.

ModFruGal says modestly that she’s “not a writer, photographer, or designer… just a gal with a vision who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty,” and that she and her “Crafty Counterpart” husband worked together to build this gorgeous little low waste retreat.

The dimensions were chosen to minimize waste by using standard, big box lumber lengths, and it has been kitted out with repurposed flea market finds.

Quantum Revolution: Creating the World We Know to be True!

ser meditação

Fairphones – repairable, responsible electronics

10245531_682802688443534_1847755139343952742_nSmartphones seem to be everywhere these days, and they’re fraught with both environmental and social issues – from their use of conflict minerals to poor conditions for the workers who make them.

A social enterprise behind a new ‘ethical’ smartphone, the Fairphone, aims to change that by using conflict-free raw materials for the devices, paying the workers who manufacture them a fair wage, and working to set up e-waste recycling programs for taking care of electronics at the end of their useful life.

Are we buying too much ‘stuff’?

1979894_682359355154534_5455432870790465347_nSpending money on experiences rather than material goods is both better for the environment and our happiness. And most people actually know this. So why do we continue to accumulate so much stuff?

Researchers from San Francisco State University surveyed individuals before and after making purchases. They found that before buying an item, people thought it was better value.

However, people surveyed after the purchase said that experiences were both a better use of their money and made them happier. Paying for goods didn’t live up to expected levels of value.

Find our way to a better world…

Dr-Paul-Farmer-The-root-of-all-that-is-wrong-with-the-world-Picture-quote-To find our way to a better world, we have to embrace a larger perspective, a global one, in which we see things from a holistic viewpoint in which we integrate our minds and hearts, and in the process develop and cultivate a more evolved consciousness.

Spring is out there, enjoy it!


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